where’s my christmas tree?

after returning home from the best thanksgiving in california,

i had in my mind that dan and I would be un-packed and the house would

be clean to make room for the christmas decorations!

i’ve been so excited to get the tree up. it was a great idea, except dan

is busy with schoolwork, preparing presentations, staying at the

library late for group projects and trying to get some sleep in between

all the homework and taking care of me and ella.

so our christmas tree is still at the lot just up the road from our house.

we got our tree here last year. there’s nothing like the scent

of a live christmas tree to get you in the spirit of the season!

that fresh smell of pine just as you walk through the door is

just what you need after being out in the cold ! mmmm! can’t wait!

||benefits of a real christmas tree||

1. it’s an environmentally sound choice. fake trees + wreaths

are made from non-renewable petroleum // contain non-biodegradable plastics

and metals

2. shortage on landfill space + fake trees cannot be

recycled. they will not disintegrate.

3. real trees can be ground up into mulch + chipped up

for landscaping + replenish the soil + fish habitat + other useful methods

4. real christmas trees absorb

carbon dioxide + other natural gases + emit fresh oxygen

5. in addition when + if  a real trees catch fire, it does not

put dangerous + toxic fumes into the air

6. you will help save jobs. in the christmas tree industry very few

fake trees are made in the united states by american labor.

so when the sale and use of fake trees are encouraged we are

potentially promoting the loss of jobs here in the u.s.

6. the spirit of christmas is REAL and a REAL christmas tree,

when brought inside our homes, projects this feeling through its

wonderful scent and warm beauty.

||fun facts||

–there are about 1 million acres in production for growing christmas trees.

each acre provides the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people.

–for every real christmas tree harvested, 2 to 3 seedlings are planted in its place.

–the top selling christmas trees are: balsam fir, douglas fir,

fraser fir, noble fir, scotch pine, virginia pine and white pine.

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