the best bbq chicken pizza you’ll ever have


britt’s favorite bbq chicken pizza


  • your favorite pizza crust (made or bought) – we used “rustic crust” but didn’t love it. i’ll be posting the buckwheat/millet recipe we usually use that is gluten-free.
  • mary’s organic chicken (2 boneless/skinless breasts) – cut in small cubes
  • organic parsley, salt, and pepper
  • “the rib house” mild bbq sauce (you’ll use about 1/2 the bottle- some for simmering the chicken in and some to spread out on the crust.
  • shredded organic mozzarella cheese (8oz) (a little bit of parmesan cheese is *optional)
  • organic pineapple
  • organic chopped cilantro



cook/sautee on medium heat in organic sesame oil & a

pinch of salt. when first side is almost cooked and you

are ready to flip/stir the chicken, add the seasonings:

onion powder, parsley, black pepper, bbq sauce (shown










^^ this crust was a little too heavy for us.

i bought it hoping to please dan. he loves

sourdough bread so i thought what could be better

than sourdough bread? sourdough pizza crust!

the “rustic crust” brand has different kinds

including, three herb italian and organic whole wheat.

we usually will make a buckwheat/millet gluten-free

crust, but it’s a little herb-y and i didn’t think it would

pair well with the bbq chicken.

so in short, my advice would be to make a crust that

you love or find one that you do and use that!




^^ crust, bbq sauce and shredded cheese



^^ i used mozzarella cheese and a little

bit of parmesan. i only bought the block

cheese over the shredded because it was on sale.

next time it would be worth the extra

money so i don’t have to shred it! this particular brand

is a softer cheese, so big chunks would break off while

i was shredding. despite the difficulty in the shredding

process, it is absolutely delicious.

if i didn’t use this cheese i would prefer another

organic shredded mozzarella.



^^ the yummiest pineapple. i’m a fan of olives, but

decided last minute to not put them on. i really liked

it without them.



this is what the pizza looks like with all the toppings

BEFORE going int the oven.


broil on high for 7-9min




IMG_3809 IMG_3798

it was so delicious.



IMG_3815 IMG_3812

this pizza was dan approved!


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