long nights = girl’s night

motherhood. it takes a toll on all of us and a night away

is nothing to feel guilty about. it’s what i refer to as

“filling my bucket”. or in other words… something

i get to enjoy. guilt-free. and tonight filling my bucket

included a nice dinner, wearing something other

than my “everyday zella pants” (the name gives me

permissionto wear them as often as i do…)

with three great friends, women, and mothers.

we have so much in common as mothers, and I

often forget that. despite our babies being different ages,

the similarities of our lives made conversation

entertaining and quite comical. we all discussed having

 little ones interrupting our sleep, usually communicating

the need or want to eat. admitted to days spent trying to keep

our patience, and agreed that things rarely go

according to plan. but on the other hand, concluded

that, [motherhood, although hard and frustrating

at times, brings shining moments of joy and satisfaction.]

with all the chaos of motherhood

that call for a girl’s night every once in a while, we would

never wish these special moments away.

i’m so grateful for the blessing of being

a mother. it’s a beautiful and unique journey for each

woman filled with individual purpose and progression.









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