Infuze Hydration Update: Injection Mold & Summer Launch Plan

Lunch at Guru’s Cafe with the family and dessert from Roll with it ice cream made for a perfect summer afternoon. My sister came to town from Texas while her husband finishes up his ER rotation as a medical student. It’s been so fun to have her and Baby Liam here. Although we hardly see our husbands, the tireless work and sacrifices will all be worth it.

So we have been in the process for about a month now to get the money needed to make the injection mold and pay for the utility patent. A 38 page document costing $12,000. The document is complete, but the patent is pending until it’s awarded to us by the patent office in Washington D.C.

The patent is e-mailed in like an application and can sit for 6 months to a year until it is reviewed by a patent examiner, then if it is worthy to be deemed a new invention they will award us our patent.

The first half of the injection mold has been ordered.The inside parts including the venturi,mixing chamber, and the needle valve. Once that is all dialed in and functioning then we will order the exterior parts. We are planning on ordering a total of four molds. The molds are being built by a company called Extreme Machines located in Nibley, UT. Estimated finish date for the first mold is by the end of this week.

Wednesday June 15th
Dan met with a web developer and discussed how they can help in fulfillment. Aka making sure all the steps from ordering to delivery are flawless.

Over the past three days the final design was completed. Height, measurements, angles, and color. All the esthetics were done with Espiritu Engineering on Thursday. Dan also met with an investor from Three Tier Production on Thursday. Initially Dan was meeting with him for launch planning, but he turned out to be an interested party to invest.

Dan also had a conversation with and talked about doing a Kickstarter in the middle of July. They will pay for the money to be spent on it. That is scheduled for July 15th and will run for one month.

In the mean time Dan is finalizing the launch strategy. The Outdoor Retailer show is the first week in August. More details to come!

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