Hi we’re the Noalls


 ||dan|| written by britt

–is the greatest decision i’ve ever made.

–sees the light and good in everyone and does all

he can to help them see it in themselves

— i owe everything i am to his unconditional, pure, and patient love

 -his heart is loyal, giving, untainted and unselfish

— i would be lying if I said he didn’t know me

better than I know myself

 –fly fishing and skiing is his past, present and future

happy place, his way to relax and re-energize

–i could probably write every post about him and not get tired of it

–creative, smart and inventive

— has such a unique impact on the lives he touches || through love

–i danced for joy, and literally still do, because i’m with my

best friend|| and now…my heart sings watching him be a father

||britt|| written by dan

— is the girl that i spent my whole life looking for.

-is the definition of beauty inside and out.

–the best mother that i could have ever imagined, nothing makes me smile

more than to watch my beautiful britt take care of my gorgeous little ella

–she is literally the funniest person i know. who else do you know that

wants to wake you up in the middle of the night just to tell you

the knock-knock jokes that they just came up with.

–she has a glow about her that lights up the room and the people around her.

–i love her songs and dances she makes up, and can’t wait until ella is just like her mom.

–i don’t know another person so genuine and loving of all the people around her

–i love her reactions when she sees a baby animal, finds something

she likes, or tastes something she loves

–she loves to cook and if heaven had a taste it would

taste pretty close to the food she makes

–i can’t imagine ever being without her, before i met her i thought i was happy,

but i couldn’t live without my best friend and love of my life.

–i am so glad that i get to be with her for all eternity,

–she is my motivation in life

–her love, and excitement when i come home, makes the day all worth it.

||ella|| written by dan & britt

–ella is the sweetest baby

–she is so excited when she sees us & loves

when we’re all together as a family

-ella can sleep anywhere, we joke that all we need

is a circus to put her to sleep.

–she is almost always happy.

— she is 100% me, with the exception of her

feet|| those are dan’s…

-she is so sensitive + aware of other’s feelings

        ||Our Family||  written by dan & britt

–in all seasons we love our Father in Heaven and obey His laws.

–We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

–we believe in specific and personal gifts that can flourish

and inspire when we align our will with God’s.

–we are holistically minded, but not just in the “crunchy, natural context”… but in

a way that bruce r. mcconkie puts it…

“the book of life is the record of the acts of men…

written in their own bodies. it is the record engraved on the very bones,

sinews, and flesh of the mortal body. that is every thought,

word and deed has an effect on the human body; all these leave their marks.

–we recognize truth+ celebrate truth + and do our best to live in harmony with that truth

–we see what we ingest as a gateway to heal || to think clearer ||to have

the Holy Spirit with us + develop and express what our souls were meant to.

–when our human machinery is out of order, [God] understands all

about it, so we turn to the foods that he created ||

designed to match our “machinery” perfectly

–in addition we strive to make, buy, and order food that contains it’s correct DNA or nature

–like all people we have our interests|| we are active, including ella!

hiking+ soccer +skiing + fishing are the favorites

–we are open minded and open to ideas, advice and situations.

–one of our favorite things is to cuddle up with our favorite treats

and watch a movie together

–our greatest happiness has come from attaining truth through

spiritual and logical study, and  personal + family prayer.

–we love what we know. the gospel of Jesus Christ is our greatest blessing

that has allowed us the opportunity to seek and acquire truth for ourselves.

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