dan + japan

we have been anticipating this trip for a while now, and i cannot

believe this is the week dan + i will be a part for 10 days.

the “japan trip” was something so far in the future.

a trip that meant graduation was right around the

corner. and ella would be so grown up by then. well its here!

i’ve decided to basically move down to salt lake. stay with my

parents + spend time as much time with my sisters while

they are in town from texas and california. the timing actually

worked out great.

dan leaves early thursday morning. like 4:45am

kind of early. (thank goodness he has a ride to the airport) since

i no longer function before 8am, due to sleep deprivation.

of course i’ll wake up to hug him for as long as possible

+ maybe try to convince him to stay home.

they are going to 12 different companies in 10 days.

from disneyland, nikon, toyota, etc. which will allow them

to see different management styles and how businesses are

ran globally. sounds fun, but i think he’s most excited for the sushi + to

practice his asian accent +  find me a really awesome souvenir.

and maaaaaybeeee 10 nights of un-interrupted sleep.

i’ll be honest. i love spending time with my family + love to

have shopping days with my mom. sometimes it’s fun

to run errands + be busy then go out to dinner that night

with the family. or just spend time at the house with other adults.

people to talk with instead of trying to think of ways to make the day go

faster + counting down the minutes until dan will be home from school.

but more than that, i will miss seeing ella’s face light up when dan

walks through the door each night. (she has a connection + love for him that is indescribable)

i will miss watching “blue bloods” while 

eating our sweet potato fries + going into the kitchen to

say, “boo boo… i’m hungry. i want a cookie!”

dan helps me feel secure in all areas of my life + so the separation is challenging

especially being a mother now. his presence + support is key to our happy home.

but i just know this will be the first + the last 10 day trip that we won’t be together!



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