Three things for Thursday…

1. What we’re listening to:

Search “Elenyi music” on youTube.
We really like their song covers.
We haven’t looked it up, but we think they
are sisters. Our favorites are “If you could hide
to Kolob/Come Thou Font of Every Blessing”,
“I know that my Redeemer lives/Yo se qui Vive mi SeƱor ”
and “Say anything” from the movie Safe Haven.
We have had them on repeat.

We’re also liking:
Twenty one Pilots “Ride”
Adele “Send my love”
James Bay “Let it Go”
Flo Rida “My House”
Pink “Just like Fire”

2. Best fruit we have had this summer…
Organic Pluots. (A hybrid between a plum and a apricot)
Look for ones that are firm, but not rock hard. Avoid
the green unripened ones. Perfect summer snack.
We were blown away at how refreshing they were.

3. Our favorite sunblock:
“Raw Elements” Eco Formula sunblock.
(We bought it off amazon)
It goes on well. We liked that it wasn’t to thick and pasty.
You can rub it in enough so you don’t look like a ghost.
But look out for the ghost faces and white noses,
those are the other natural mama’s using sunblock!

This is a great video to hear mama natural’s opinions
on this hot topic. She has some valuable information that
teaches the importance of sun, but also lays down the facts
about conventional sunscreen and the toxic chemicals to look
out for. You’ll hear her good, better, and best approach
when it comes to sunscreen. You can also go to database
and see the rankings for sunscreen ingredients in terms of toxicity.